Fire Damage

Have you experienced the devastating loss of Fire Damage? It happens in the blink of an eye- but the cleanup and rebuilding can take weeks. Let the AdvantaClean team come to your rescue. Available 24/7, and IICRC certified, our team can respond to your emergency, often before the insurance adjuster shows up. We’ll help secure your home or business and prep the space for rebuilding.

Fire Damage Repair & Restoration

Emergencies require an immediate response. AdvantaClean is ready to help you start the restoration process as soon as the fire is out.

Pack-Out & Inventory

Let us do the dirty work. We’ll pack-out and inventory all of your salvageable belongings after a fire or other catastrophic event.

Smoke & Odor Removal

Erase the memory of any fire or traumatic event by erasing any trace of odor. Call AdvantaClean today for any odor removal needs.

Fire Damage Cleanup

When the unexpected happens, you need help immediately. AdvantaClean is ready 24-hours a day! With the knowledge, capability and urgency to make the best of a traumatic situation, we can respond to fire damage emergencies, including smoke, soot and odor removal, and water extraction and drying.


Our dedicated team of highly trained and skilled professionals are only a phone call away. We focus on securing your property, cleaning up debris and water after the fire department secures your home, and deep cleaning, restoration and storage of your personal belongings until your home or business is reconstructed.

Our First Steps

The AdvantaClean team is IICRC certified and ready to assist in any way we can. Our team can begin work immediately. We will carefully evaluate salvageable portions of your structure as well as the items inside the structure. We will then begin the demo and removal of anything that can be saved. Once the demo is completed, we will identify the best solution for your home or business.

We offer the following restoration to assist in the process of restoring and return to your home or business.

Getting You Back In Your Home

After securing your home or business, we can begin the restoration process.

Additional Services for Catastrophic and Large Loss:

Why Choose AdvantaClean

AdvantaClean professionals are determined to make the experience as easy as possible for the property owner and the insurance provider. We focus on your needs and work closely with everyone involved to reduce the burden caused by fire and smoke damage. Every aspect of the restoration and remediation is done with meticulous attention to details, impeccable documentation and exceptional service – and we will treat your home and property with the respect and consideration it merits.

Our ability to deploy and mobilize when and where needed is second to none. We are the trusted partners for pristine operations access to team members that can assist with insurance claims of all magnitude.

Pack-Out & Inventory

Are you dealing with an emergency or disaster? Death in the family? Moving? No matter the scenario, we are here to help. AdvantaClean offers pack-out and inventory services for jobs, both big and small. We understand that these items are not just things, but cherished possessions that hold your memories- and will we care for your belongings as we would care for our grandma’s china.

Pack-Out & Inventory

Our trained professionals will carefully document, photograph and inventory all of your personal belongings, while safely packing them away until you need them again. Removing your personal items from your home prevents further damage, while also creating a higher probability of restoring the items. It also creates a safer environment for building restoration and renovation.


First, we will identify items that are and are not salvageable. By doing so, we can help to advise on restoration needed when looking at items like walls, windows and floors. We will also create a detailed report for both you and your insurance-carrier for reference when evaluating items for damage and loss. Our services include, but are not limited to packing, cleaning and storing furniture, window treatments, electronics, appliances, clothing, personal items and files and documents.

Storage & Retrieval

We can store all of your personal items as long as you like. They can be moved offsite to a climate-controlled warehouse or left onsite during the restoration process. Once the restoration is complete, or you are ready to have your items returned to the home, we will assist you in moving your items back to their rightful place.

Why Choose AdvantaClean

With our customer satisfaction in mind, we have created a proven process that will ensure the care and safety of your items. From packing to inventory and safe transportation, we ensure your belongings (big and small) are given the utmost care while in our possession. As local community members, our goal is to be available to all those who need our help, and we’ll go the extra mile to get you back on your feet. Let AdvantaClean make the difficult times just a little bit easier.

Smoke & Odor Removal

Got Odor? We’ve got a solution. From fire to cigarettes to organic and bio-hazard, AdvantaClean can remove that smell. Emergency, selling your home, or just want to freshen up your space, we will take special care to ensure that your air quality is pristine before we leave. No matter the source of the odor, we have a professional team with specialty equipment ready to remove the smell.

Where is the Odor in my Home Coming From?

There are many sources of odor, the obvious ones like fire and cigarettes and the sometimes hidden ones like water and mold. And, in some unfortunate events, organic sources as well.


When you’ve experienced a house fire, the smoke odor often remains days or even weeks after the flames have been extinguished. In addition to house fires, smoke and soot from nearby fires can affect the interior and exterior of your home. Smoke seeps into soft and porous surfaces including walls, floors and furniture. If left untreated, smoke damage can result in stains, growing odors and potential health risks.


Water and mold can also create odor issues. Undetected leaking pipes that result in stagnant water and mold growth are the most common causes of undefined odors. There is also high risk in flood zones and areas that often experience natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and tidal swells. Once water damage is identified, it is recommended to immediately seek remediation to remove odors and prevent further structural damage and mold growth.


Organic sources can include sewage, biological mater and decomposing elements. It is imperative to remove any bacteria and pathogens released from these elements as quickly as possible to avoid disruption and alleviate potential health hazards.

The Process

Odors can seep into surfaces and seem impossible to remove. So how do we do it? We start with source removal for the cause of the odors. Followed with a thorough cleaning of any surfaces that are contributing to the odors. Finally, we use a chlorine dioxide treatment, ozone treatment or hydroxyl treatment to ensure all set in odors have been completely removed.

It’s more than just air freshener, it’s a way to ensure that your air remains fresh after we leave. Dependent upon the source and extent of odor damage, different process and treatment may be needed. We will carefully review the situation with you, and select the process that will offer the best solution for your home.

What does Chlorine Dioxide do?

CLO2 or Chlorine Dioxide is the can be the final step in our process, and what sets us apart. This is a vapor treatment used throughout your home to remove set-in odors from porous surfaces like drywall, studs and the floors.

What is an Ozone Treatment?

The use of a specialized machine that removes pathogens from the air in your home. This can be the final step in used to neutralize the air in your home.

What is a Hydroxl Treatment?

The use of a hydroxl machine that removes malodors from the air in your home by oxidizing, deodorizing and deactivates malodor molecules. This can be the final step in used to neutralize the air in your home.

Why AdvantaClean?

Our specially trained technicians will make sure that your home is taken care of. Our goal is to get you back in your home as quickly as possible while also eliminating odors. We can assist with demolition if necessary and will go the extra mile to make sure your home is also your haven.


Don’t let the threat of invisible odors disrupt your home, call AdvantaClean today.

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